Roll to Roll Hot Melt Coating Machine

Roll to Roll Hotmelt Coating Machine:-


Three-Roll Hot Melt Coater
  • In this process Hotmelt can be coated in single side of the substrate.
  • The coating thickness should be 16 - 22 gsm. +/- 3 gsm.
Coating Machine

Three-roll coater will have the following station.
  • 3 roll coating head.
  • Unwind Station (One)
  • Chilling Roll Station (2 nos Chilling Roller)
  • Rewind Station (One)
Machine Roller width is 1200 mm. with coating width of 1000mm.

The machine is suitable for paper. Precision adjustments are incorporated for control of Hot Melt coating thickness.

Temperature to be maintained constant with PID Temperature Controller in the Hot Melt Tray for uniform coating.

Hotmelt Tank (Kettle)
Our offer include supply of Hotmelt Tank with Agitator Motor for making uniform hot Melt, with Tank capacity of 500 kg. This Tank has to be heated up to 1700 Centigrade maintains uniform temperature in the tank.

Electrical Control Panel
An electrical control panel will be supplied with 4 Motor A.C. Digital drives to control rewind, chilling roll & coating unit in synchronized mode.

All electrical will be wired up at site.

Unwind Station
Pneumatic Brake.
Coating Unit

Chilling Station
For Bath Roll 5 HP Gear Motor
For Application Roll 5 HP Gear Motor
5 HP Gear Motor
Rewind Station
10 HP Motor

Edge Guide
An edge guide will be supplied with the machine for controlling the web edge.

Power Requirement
Three phases 440-volt supply. Control power requirement are 22.400 KW. You have to provide power line through MCB suitable for machine operation up to control panel.

Manpower Requirement
During commissioning, we will provide all Technical Staff but you will have to provide assistance of suitable manpower required during commissioning.

Pipeline Connection
  • Air Line of 6 Kg pressure to be supplied up to machine point.
  • Chilled Water line of 6 - 80 centrigrade to be supplied up to machine point.
  • Hot Oil line of 2000 centrigrade to be supplied up to machine wax tray & Hotmelt tank (in let & out let) point.
We will provide layout drawing for the entire operation & all civil work connected with foundation will be on your account.

Space Requirement
4 X 8 meters for Machine only.

90 Days from date of receipt of technically & commercially clear order along with advance as mentioned on terms & condition.

Exclusions From Scope Of Our Supply
  • Foundation works & materials.
  • Incoming cables to the Control Panel.
  • All utilities like Compressed Air, Chilling Water & Hot Oil from boiler.
  • Heat and Sound insulation.
  • Manual Valve/Pipe/Chilling Pipe.
Table For Electrical Load

Unit Part
Cap (KW)
Total (KW)
Bath Roll Unit
A.C. Motor
Application Roll Unit
A.C. Motor3.7001
Chilling Roll Unit
A.C. Motor3.7001
A.C. Motor7.600
Agitator Unit
A.C. Motor3.700

Total Converting Scope: 22.400 KW